For any internet marketer the number one most productive thing to do would be to distribute articles to article submission sites. In the early years of internet marketing one of the best ways to get visitors to your site was to distribute articles to article submission sites.

Those times are long gone but still these days one of the best methods for getting traffic to your website is through submitting articles. However, the traffic you will get in this way currently is a lot more indirect than direct.

Google is the primary online search engine worldwide and they do not rank articles from article submission sites so high up in their search engine results anymore like they used to.

If you needed to position an article on the top page of Google for specific key words a couple of years back, it was not difficult to do. You simply needed to create an article of about 500 words with regards to your search terms, do a little bit of promotion for that article and you could without difficulty attain 1st page results.

I for starters am actually thankful it’s not so easy any longer. It was exhausting to look for something on Google and only get substandard quality articles of online marketers to show up.

What we want to do nowadays is increase our website authority with article submission instead of distributing them to get readers. Hundreds of backlinks to your site from the article directories will give your site a boost in the search engine positions.

Exactly what are article submission websites?

It’s essentially an internet site with tons of articles on any area of interest you can think of. Website visitors can simply choose a category from the grouped articles and find out more on any subject of interest.

Most directories have a search functionality which makes it convenient to search for information regarding any subject.

Thousands and thousands of articles are published every single day to article websites.

Suggestions to promote your site with article directories:

Use the main topic of your site- for example toys – and write some articles in regards to the different kind of toys you have for various ages of children . Then, publish this content on the top article directory sites you can find.

Avoid article marketing to inferior quality article submission sites. It’s best to get your articles up on other authority websites when you’re attempting to develop authority for your very own website.

You also want to steer clear of all those article submission sites which only get a few website visitors per day. Better invest time writing for the top articled submission websites with lots of site visitors and lots of authority in the eyes of Google. Google loves them and so they will love you.

Where do you find the top article submission sites?

Just do a Google search and you will find many leading article directory sites. Most online resources will suggest more or less the same article directory sites. Look at the Google page rank of the article directory website to determine the amount of authority it has.

Posting your articles only to those directories with page rank 3 and over will be the most effective if you don’t have a lot of time to waste. Page rank 3 or higher directories possess the most authority and get the most site visitors.

At a later time you can go back to lower page rank article directories and distribute your articles to the remainder of them.

In addition to the authority of the domains your one-way links are originating from, the amount of various domains containing your website link is also a essential ranking factor.

Choose top article publication sites and post high quality content to them. No one wants to waste time reading through low quality content and chances are these content will be deleted soon after they were posted. Don’t forget this, take action and soon you will see results.